Work with us


With 15 years of experience, we chose to realize the years 2017 and 2018 with a model that we knew well: the intervention of our consultant. This model allows us to ensure payment of the salaries of our teams, customer satisfaction and the recruitment of highly competent people. It comes in two ways:

  • Long intervention : our consultants are required to support our clients directly at home on projects of at least 6 months. These long missions allow us to cover a period of intercontratum, but these are mainly periods that allow our consultants to better know a particular client, its constraints and its needs.
  • Try&hire : it happens that our consultants, by their expertise take a key role in the customer. We can then discuss an internalization allowing the client to master certain strategic aspects, the consultant to take other types of responsibilities while defending the long-term interests of Octal.

For the following years, our goal is to get closer to our customers to support them on other types of service. Indeed, we have noticed that there is a gap between our customers’ expectations and what their suppliers can or can provide: using consultants integrated with our customers will allow us to reduce this gap to ensure high customer satisfaction and therefore the success of the company.

At Octal the consultant is key in the organization: he is the one who ensures the financial income of the company and acts as a representative of the quality of service to our customers. In view of this very strong impact, we are making every effort to ensure that our consultants feel supported in their daily lives. In concrete terms, this translates into monthly project follow-up, training when necessary and administrative support for newcomers to Switzerland.

Our goal is to build a team of consultants who are both capable of supporting our clients and being proactive on topics that interest them. Indeed, Octal is ready to invest on the ideas and innovations of its employees: we are looking for people able to rotate the company if that makes sense.


We are small, we do not have a product capable of meeting all needs and yet our clients and consultants take a real pleasure working with us. This is based on two things: human and flexibility. Our company is above all composed of the intelligence of its employees, so we attach great importance to the quality of the people who join us.

Finding a person who will flourish in his daily life, who will have the right level of challenge to meet is a pledge of pleasant and lasting relationship. The small size of the company also allows us to adapt to the needs of each individual, to propose a mode of operation that best meets the constraints of our clients and consultants.